Circular Design Challenge- Plastic Waste Ideation Night at Prime Produce, NYC

As I walked into the wondrous first floor where tables built with milk crates and wooden panels filled half the room, I imagined that tonight would be an amazing night.

It was the second time we were meeting on the topic of Circular Design challenge focusing on reducing little plastic waste.

The participants slowly filled the room and took their spots in the room.

Chris described how recycle can be sexy:


Another idea from Team 1- recycle library


Team 2 had several ideas including giving people incentives to recycle:


Team 3 had an interesting idea about creating a sealing system that doesn’t require use of plastic at all.


Team 4 had an idea that was inspired by orange peel.


Each group came up with very different ideas from an orange peel inspired package design to sex education inspired recycle education system. We are looking forward to building upon these ideas at the Make-a-thon on the week of July 10th!

Lee Kim, Design Thinker and NYC OpenIDEO community member