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After the success of the follow up NYC openIDEO chapter meeting run by Lee on Sunday, she is inviting all of us for a prototyping session this Thursday for the OpenIDEO challenge- addressing the End of Life. 

Place: 440 Park Avenue South- 8th Floor Corner Conference room

Contact: Lee (646-761-2495)


Who will be there?

OpenIDEO NYC chapter members (that's you!)


What will we do?

We have gone through the brainstorming phase and have ideas on paper.

Now, we will make physical solutions by building the prototypes.


What skills do I need to have?

You must know how to fold papers. Tape cardboard boxes.


Why should I come?

Because you care about improving the lives of others and also like to have fun while you are doing good for the world!


If you are interested, please let me know by Wednesday: Lee Kim <>