End of life challenge Top Ideas


Congratulations to our NYC OpenIDEO members who participated to the end of life challenge for their amazing energy during ideation and refinement. A particular thought for Lee Kim, one of our members, who took the lead of the effort over the summer!

Connecting Lives, one of the idea developed by the NYC OpenIDEO team, and Gardening Connection, an idea developed by Bettina Fliegel, a long time OpenIDEO member and an NYC OpenIDEO chapter regular, were mentioned on the OpenIDEO blog:

"Additional Highlights

In addition to our 10 top ideas, we’re highlighting Connecting Lives, Gardening Connection and When I Die, I Wanna be… for their incredible effort during our Refinement phase. These three teams have been active collaborators and done a remarkable job incorporating community feedback to develop their ideas in a human-centered way. We hope to see them continue to develop beyond the End of Life Challenge." (https://challenges.openideo.com/blog/end-of-life-challenge-announcing-our-top-ideas)